Wednesday, May 24


I Advise La Lorenza on Her Post-Graduate Education Plans

Via Instant Messenger:

Matt (11:01:17 AM): There's always the Medieval Institute at [Notre Dame].
Matt (11:01:33 AM): When you graduate from that, they do a special ceremony that involves hitting you with books.
Matt (11:01:40 AM): And shouting 'liber' or 'volumen' or something.
Lauren (11:01:59 AM): LOL.
Lauren (11:02:03 AM): Liber.
Lauren (11:02:11 AM): Also -- what?? [G]
Matt (11:02:20 AM): That's what I heard.
Matt (11:02:24 AM): I have nooooo clue.
Matt (11:02:42 AM): It's arcane, it's esoteric, it's ritualistic, it makes no sense--ergo, it's cool.

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