Saturday, April 22


We are not amused

A German reader of the Shrine has informed me that the sacrilegious cartoon show Popetown, featuring an "infantile pope" and "perverted" Vatican clerics (to quote some of the news coverage), has unfortunately surfaced again, this time on MTV Germany. He writes:
Today I write to you to inform you about plans of MTV Germany to broadcast the anti-Catholic cartoon series "Popetown." I fear the German Catholic Church is too weak and German Catholics have too little influence in German society to end this plans with their own protests.

So I thougt maybe American Catholics may be not amused either about this plan of MTV Germany, which belongs to MTV International. In my opinion this could be a chance to stop MTV in doing this, if not only some Germans protest, but if Americans protest to MTV International. They might re-think their decision if their image is too much damaged.
For more news on the subject, click here, and here.

To give you an idea of what we're dealing with here, you might have a look at the (to put it mildly, blasphemous) poster they've prepared for the show. The German reads, "Laugh Instead of Hanging Around," and shows a hideously grinning image of Our Suffering Lord watching TV. Utterly disgusting. (The original version does not have the text in red.)

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