Saturday, April 29


Shrine Eye for the Catholic Guy*

Surely you all remember, with that same foundness which I do myself share, the famous Fatima Tie about which I blogged not a few days ago. 100% polyester!

Behold, the papal shirt to end all papal shirts.

This shirt is great for manifold reasons. First, it is far superior to those "Catholic" shirts which include no personal images; for, as we know, the Christian experience is fundamentally a personal experience, a communio personarum which is of course, as our late, great Pontiff taught so well, enabled by the embodied experience common to us all. What is more, the shirt echos effectively Catholic ecclesiastical and devotional culture by evoking that "repetition" (not that "vain" repetition against which Scriptures do warn us) so dear to all good Christians--and unto aesthetically pleasing ends. Call to mind, if you would, the amusing semantic course by which a religious figure who serves as an icon of the body Catholic is expressed by means of a "pop icon"--restoring to this modern notion of icon, perhaps, the original religious significance of the term. Indeed, because this shirt reprises a rather prevelant theme of "popular culture," it can truly be said to "meet people where they are."

Stick with me, readers, and you'll be dressing fine.

*Is that officially passe yet?

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