Monday, April 24


Scenes from the Procession

While not the best of the lot (I seem to have gotten an inordinate number of photos of everyone's backs), I did manage to get some snaps of today's Procession, and hopefully they should whet your appetite for the ones Emily is in the process of getting her hands on, including more shots with the Dome in the background.

The procession moves out from the stational altar near Fr. Sorin's monument.

On South Quad, near the Art Department building.

Testing the thurible.

This should give you an idea of the turn-out.

The final station, on the front porch of the Administration Building, in the shadow of the Golden Dome, with benediction given by the Most Rev. Daniel Jenky, CSC, Bishop of Peoria and fan of Our Lady's University.

The Lit Choir sings Panis Angelicus, then we sing Tantum Ergo, say the Divine Praises, and it's time for a celebratory picnic on the quad!

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