Thursday, April 27

A Reminder

There's been some MSM hoopla about whether the Vatican will revise "it's teaching" on using condoms, in committed relationships, to prevent AIDS. This alone begs two corrections, first that such statement would be months away, and second such a statement would be a clarification--not a correction--of teaching: "it is disordered to use condoms to obstruct the goods of marriage" would not change; the question of whether the use of condoms unto another end would be opened (akin to how it is wrong to use surgical proceedures to kill a fetus, but if a proceedure is necessary to save a life, and the fetus dies accidentally, etc.).

But a bigger reminder is necessary. I would like to credit this reminder to my 6th grade teacher, who put the matter very simply: the AIDS virus is smaller than the natural spaces between the fibers of latex rubber.

Here's the reminder: condoms don't do a good job of preventing AIDS.

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