Thursday, April 6

The Elephant in the Blog

No, we haven't said anything about the Monologues decision.

I don't plan to.

Either way, everything possible take has been said over at Amy's.

This was a unique post, though. Some excerpts:

(By Philip Bocock, posted at OpenDoor)

I have to put my two cents in as a college student (graduate school). ...

My generation's major sin/struggle is with hedonism and sexuality. It no longer works to simply tell my generation homosexuality is wrong, extra-marital sex is wrong, contraception is wrong, and then try and censor what kids/young adults are exposed to. Ban the VM, but we are still exposed to the same stuff EVERYWHERE. Our culture is saturated with sex.


Folks, its only getting worse. I have noticed middle and high school girls are now getting as sexually charged as the boys were when I was that age.

[Simply] Saying "NO, this is wrong" no longer works. The Church needs to confront this issue head on and explain that the Church's alternative is actually much better and freer than what today's society says. Banning VM will not help!!! College students are already saturated with that stuff anyway. People need to stop being scared of the VM and take that thinking head on. Host the play, then afterwards tear it apart. Explain to the viewers what is wrong with that thinking, how it leads to destruction and misery, and propose a better alternative. Stop pretending that by banning VM that the students will be protected and never hear the VM's crap. Students already have been exposed to it. Healthy alternatives are getting harder and harder to find.

Posted by: Philip Bocock at Apr 6, 2006 10:01:26 AM

His conclusion, I think, can be summarized:
"There is no such thing as a Catholic haven. Apart from its status as a Catholic University, Notre Dame can no longer be called a 'Catholic Haven'--is that bad, or realistic?"

A question to which, again, I have no answer.

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