Sunday, April 16


Easter Vigil....

... At Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Chicago. I'm sure Emily will post soon enough with details from the Basilica, but here's some news from the parish where I sing (also in my choir is Sr. Anne of the nunblog - check out her new book on Eucharistic Adoration for children!):
"Lumen Christi" processional for timpani, brass, and choir (William Ferris)
Exsultet for three voices
"Genesis I" reading with choral accompaniment by William Ferris
Psalm 104 "Lord, send out your Spirit" by William Ferris
Psalm 16 "Keep me safe, O God, you are my hope" by William Ferris
Exodus 15 Canticle "Let us sing to the Lord: He has covered himself with glory" by William Ferris
Ezekiel reading choral accompaniment by William Ferris
Psalm 42 "Like a deer that longs for running streams" by William Ferris
"First Gloria of Easter" for cantor, choir, congregation, brass, timpani, and organ by William Ferris (this is one of those pieces that needs to be experienced in the liturgy to be appreciated - the effect of the servers ringing the bells and coming out to light the candles as we began the Latin "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" choral fanfare to start the piece was quite amazing)
Gospel Acclamation and Verses for Cantor and Choir by William Ferris
Sprinkling Rite: "Springs of water" by Jerome Coller, OSB
Offertory Anthem: "The Day of Resurrection" by Thomas Matthews
Sanctus/Memorial Acclamation/Amen from "Community Mass" by Richard Proulx
Agnus Dei "Paschalis" by William Ferris
Communion: Sweet Sacrament (Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All), arr. William Ferris
Organ Meditiation: Priere a Notre-Dame by Leon Boellmann
Recessional Postlude: "Music for the Royal Fireworks" by G.F. Handel for brass and organ

A note on William Ferris, for the interested: the reason we do so much music by Ferris is that he was director of music at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel for many years until his sudden death doing what he loved (conducting a rehearsal) in May 2000. Ferris was a prolific composer of Psalm settings and other service music for the liturgy, incorporating very well the tradition of the Church along with other twentieth-century influesnce, such as his teacher, Leo Sowerby. Our music program is blessed to have his work as a kind of "house repertoire," much as Notre Dame is to have works by Calvin Bower and others. For the inquiring director, however, much of it has become available through World Library Publications, thanks in part to his student and current OLMC choir director, Paul French, who continues in Ferris' tradition of running a top-notch music program at OLMC as well as composing reverent and beautiful service music and other liturgical music.

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