Monday, April 3

A Cornucopia of Nuttiness!

Shrine favorite Mark Shea shares a letter he recently recieved:

I read your book "Da Vinci Antidote" and i have to say i now know for sure why i was once catholic and am now an atheist.

Oh, there's no way this'll be boring.

You guys have to be the most arroagant, self indulged bastards i have ever seen in my life, the way you say pagans worship because of ignorance is hysterical. Did you ever think that maybe your religion isn't right and is a load of bullshit, no you didn't, you sit and worship your god and corrupt pope and think your better than any other damn relgion and even better than all other Christians.

Free holy card to whoever can diagram the first sentence. I don't see how we'd be less arrogant if we believed heart-felt convictions were a matter of personal taste and not objective truth.. Hmm. (worship the Pope???????)

And the book sucks, the book sucks, the book sucks, if you want to be taken seriously ou might want to take some classes in writing...

Did I really just read that?

...ou might want to take some classes in writing...

Wow. Now that's awesome.

... and maybe, just a little, lay off on the bias.

No, that's awesome. Preach on, my bias-free friend!

I've listened to Fox News and i don't hear as much bias, holy shit, but then again if you were objective you wouldn't have anything to write about. But the most important point i have to make (if you proud old bastards even read the e-mail)

Wouldn't miss it.

is that the DA VINCI CODE IS A FICTION BOOK AND WAS NOT MEANT TO DESTROY CHRISTIANITY, i don't know where the f*** you pulled that one from.

Oh! Ok. See, we were just afraid that it would cause people to go off into ignorant, misinformed rants about a theology that they never learned or understood. I guess the really paranoid people were worried that the book might create an environment in which we would get cursed out by absolute strangers, just for being Catholic! Haha. Glad that's settle, though.

It is a thriller that is meant to entertain (and does superbly) and the history is added in to make it exciting.

History? Fiction? History? Fiction?

Dan Brown doesn't beleive these anagrams he made upand maybe only part of the long clue list. Most of the clues were made just to keep the story going, some true, many not. Also in this book of your you guys seem to spend alot of tie questioning nit picking details that you just use to undermine his authority and tke the reader in your grasp.

Like how the Dead Sea Scrolls were written by Jews who never once mention Jesus?

Like how you ridicule his for using Da Vinci instead of Leonardo, well you mother fuc**** idiots he does that because the general public, unlike you """""""****vaunted historians****""""""" does not know who Leonardo is off the top of their head, in fact most people would refer to a Leonard as one of the Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I've never seen a brain fart in written form before. Fascinating.

So go blow you anger on someone else you assholes, because you guys wrote, quite possibly, one of the most biased books ever written.

:) :) :) I know that letter should depress me, but... :) That's the competition????????? I'm vaguely insulted at how easy it all is...

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