Thursday, March 2

Soviet Union Ordered Assination of John Paul the Great

More here.

I must point out--gloat--that, while the USSR is dead, and their coinage collector's items on ebay.* Pope Benedict reminded us in his inauguration that the Church "is young".

I knew vocations were looking up (200 young women attended a recent vocation retreat at Sisters of Our Lady Mother of the Eucharist, according to rumor), but the Anchoress has information on American and Italian vocations that will surprise even the optimistic, I think.

In desiring to kill the Church, the USSR marked itself for death, because in desiring to kill the Church, it desired to kill the Body of Christ, the Body of Truth, human nature as it longs to be.

*To add insult to injury, collectors items worth a lot less than a euro bearing JPG's contenance.

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