Wednesday, March 22

"The Same Day as that Freaking Compendium"

According to ZENIT:

The 200-page Compendium summarizes key points of the 1992 Catechism. Available March 31, it is being published in the United States, in English and Spanish, by USCCB Publishing.

Zenit, I trust you! Don't lie to me! I still remember that day in July of Last Year when it was released in Italian. I call fondly to mind that day in September when I placed my first order. I curse that day in October when they first pushed back the publication day. There was the bitter disapointment of the Brits getting their version of the Compendium in, like, January. Resigned, I remember renewing my order with Amazon for the third time this last February.

Zenit, could it be? I've heard people say that there's a Compendium for everyone, but I'd honestly started to doubt. I wondered if, well, maybe, God didn't have Compendium in my future. Oh, someday my Compendium will come! In the meantime, they only have 9 more days to postpone its publication.

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