Thursday, March 30


Life Coaches?

It's a funny thing, but modern society--in all of its various permutations and mutations has taken such painstaking efforts to shout from the rooftops the tyranny of every conceivable Catholic practice, only to unintentionally cook up some low-grade replacement to fill in the big gaping hole they've created. Once we were freed from the confessional, to whisper our sins through a grate and get forgiveness in fifteen minutes for free, we were at liberty to sit on a couch and pay good money for a treatment that took forever and a day. Once we tore down the Popish mummery of incense and candles, we turned to joss-sticks, Tibetan prayer-wheels and all the other pseudo-sacramentals of hipness.

And now, it seems, with modern man existentially free to do whatever he wants and ignore the despotism of priests telling him what to do every minute of the day (funny, it never happens to me), he goes instead and asks a "life coach" for affirmation and advice. Yeah, modern man has decided he needs a spiritual director, and without the supervision of Holy Mother Church, has completely gotten it wrong. Not to mention, once again, making it cost good money. Quoting from this article:
"The difference between life coaching and psychotherapy is that therapy is about helping people heal their wounds and coaching is about helping people achieve the highest level of their fulfillment or happiness or success, whether they're wounded or not." He reportedly makes $40,000 a month saying things like that to members of rock bands. Clearly, it's a good gig.
I guess the problem is if you asked a priest, it'd be free advice, and worse yet, it might hurt. We can't have that, can we? If Catholicism didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent it: and the fact that whenever we do try to re-invent it something gets screwed up testifies to both the God-shaped hole in our consciousness, and that it took Divine guidance to get it right the time it happened for real.

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