Monday, March 20

Lenten Reader Submission: Mary Worship

For the first time in my life, I have seen the travesty of Mary-worship.

It really is a travesty, because--aside from being idolatry...--worshipping Mary destroys the entire Christian understanding of relations between the human and the divine (insofar as "Catholic" is the full expression of "Christian"). So long as Mary is human, she, as icon of the Church and examplar of Christians, shows, through her life, that wonderful relation which the Heavenly Father desires to have with all of us--our complete, enraptured devotion, which He crowns with the beauty of His grace, a share in His Life and Glory. When Mary is worshipped, either she is completely alienated from the community of Christians for whom she was examplar, or the community itself is worshipped, declared to be properly divine.

Ironically, it was Protestants worshipping her.

They day will soon come when Catholics get crap from Protestants for not worshipping Mary.

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