Saturday, March 25

I am informed by Lucy, The Shrine's resident popular piety expert extraordinaire, that it's traditional to eat waffles on the Solemnity of the Annunciation, since Our Lady didn't "waffle" when she said Fiat. Or, if not Fiat per se, words to that effect in Aramaic. (Like, for instance, Lamberghini.) I am informed the "waffle" pun works in German, or in one of those Scandinavian tongues. I believe it, as Lucy's pretty on top of things in this regard. Anyway, today's the day of the Missa Aurea, and who doesn't want to have a nice, fluffy, golden, angelic waffle on such an occasion?

Incidentally, it being a solemnity, you can do whatever you gave up for Lent to celebrate. Within reason, of course, and presuming you didn't give up, oh, setting other people's houses on fire or something.

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