Wednesday, March 15


Friends! Romans! Reggie!

Well, it's the Ides, of course, and I hope those of our readers in the Æternal City who were lucky to go on the traditional Reggie Foster Julius Caesar Magical Murder Mystery Tour earlier this week had a grand old time. You can't say you've seen the Forum until you've sung Ecce Caesar Nunc Triumphans to the tune of Oh My Darling Clementine in the shadow of the statue of Gaius Julius himself. Those of you who're in Rome right now ought to heed Zadok's advice and go pop by the Palazzo Massimo on the Corso Vittorio Emmanuele and have a look at the palace chapel, open tomorrow, the only time all year. It's in honor of Philip Neri having raised Prince Massimo's son back to life on that day in 1583...and then the son explained he liked it better in heaven and then died a second time. I've heard (and I hope Zadok will refresh my memory if I'm incorrect) the best time to drop by is right before the special mass that marks the occasion, so you can catch the procession of dignitaries--about ten-thirty--and then a quick trip back at noon to watch the officiating cardinal escorted by liveried torchbearers back to his car!

Also, in honor of Julius Caesar getting stabbed to death on the site of what is now the No. 8 tram line, here's a link to my own brush with Reggie Magnus himself some years back in Rome.

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