Thursday, March 9

A Different Abuse in the Church

The evil of sexual abuse in the Church cannot be understated. It is almost unparalleled.

Yet, the abuse and neglect suffered by elder religious in the wake of the "renewals" of their congregations often comes close. Given the narcissistic nature of some post-Conciliar reformations in congregations of Catholic priests and nuns, it is not surprising that the reformers of the 1970's forgot about or distained the elderly members of their communities. But the degree to which it happened is surprising, a hidden tragedy and true scandal.

The Congregation for Religious recieved these complaints in 1970 about the School Sisters of St. Francis, (once?) headquartered in Milwaukee, WI:

"Sisers who have given fifty or more years of service are forced to live in dependence upon the crumbs that fall from the table" of the younger sisters.

"Buildings intended for the use of retired sisters are offered for sale" by the younger sisters "because it is more economical to put the sisters in the cramped quarters of a nursing home."

"All habits were taken away from the sisters on this floor" by the younger sisters. "To some its a heartbreak, and tears were shed."

Quoted by "The Battle for the American Church," by Msgr. George Kelly, p. 279

Some things truly anger me. The abuse suffered by these now-dead sisters, who taught my grandparents and parents, truly angers me. The fact that no one knows about this abuse also angers me.

People deserve to know.

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