Friday, March 24

The Catholic Church has a Message for the World

God, the unmoved and infinite Creator, desires, for love of you, to draw you into the furnace of Divine Life, the very center of that storm which is the inner life of the Divine Trinity; because of the dignity of this gift to which you are called, He has sent His own Son, divine, to become Man and--in giving His life for your salvation--to become the very image of Love poured out, an icon of the Trinity, a source of eternal joy.

The Church also has Another Message for the World:

Lace can be manly.

Jean-Pierre Cardinal Ricard has a simple rochet with his red robes: classic block-pattern typical of post-Conciliar lace, but with a twist.
On a scale of 1-10, a solid 6. Definitely manly, rather bland.

The primary virtue of Canizares Cardinal Llovera's rochet is that, while it looks like it should be a floral pattern, thankfully it's not. Nice, but light on manliness. I give it a 4.

Andrea Cardinal Montezemolo has a rochet's rochet, in no danger of looking either like a surplice or a spiderweb. Interesting but straightforward, an 8.

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