Thursday, February 9

One Purpose of this Blog

One purpose of this blog--indeed, of our lives--is to be Catholic. And, specifically, to be Catholic without being bitter.

Our generation recieved little effective catechesis; so, if you're our age, you're very possible the only practicing Catholic among your siblings, even your family, even your school.
Our generation is smaller because of contraception and abortion.
Our Church is attacked by other Catholics, by other Christians, by Secularists, by faithful of other religions.
Our Church is slow to respond to our intellectual and spiritual needs, often because our leaders were exhausted by.. whatever it was.. that happened 30 years ago.
And yet, by belonging to our Church, we run counter to every instinct of the Culture of Death.

There are real challenges in being Catholic today!
But, nonetheless, by the fact that we gather--online, at Mass, at devotions, at parties, in new religious communities, in families--we are rebuilding our Church, or rather Christ is working within us.

Why is it worth it?
It is worth it because Jesus Christ, the God-Man, is the Way, the Truth, and the Light; and, His Catholic Church, as His Body, is similarly the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

This experience of Our Redeemer gives us that happiness for which humanity--we!--were created.

And it is precisely the fact that the Church makes us happy, and makes us joyful, that validates any attempt to restore Her to the fullest beauty which we--enabled by the Spirit--can.

All of these has immediate and real consequences for the way this blog is run--specifically, for example, the comment boxes. Comments which, by demeaning other human beings (also made in the imago Dei!) betray bitterness, cowardliness, etc., have no place here. In the past, comments which demean God's humanity, or members of God's humanity, created in the image of God, in rude or subhuman ways (with words like "scum," for example) are entirely
(1) erroneous, because they are made in the image of God and--as Augustine tells us--potentially members of the City of God
(2) unbefitting, since they suggest a bitterness which, if it is found in the Catholic Church, completely invalidates our project of restoring the Church because it brings happiness to man.
Therefore, on the principle that error has no rights, those comments which insult the human dignity of others--especially out of bitterness--and only those comments will be summarily and repeatedly deleted.

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