Tuesday, February 14


Nos, Nobis, Noster

Don Jim picks up on something we at the Shrine noticed some time ago--the Papal we (i.e., like the royal we) is used pretty consistently in Benedict's official documents. (Something even cooler than the temporal sword, and a little less likely to set off alarms at the airport or upset parishioners). It's just the English translations that, so to speak, attempt to blow the whistle on our fun and make this ancient custom (cough) kick the bucket.

This also brings to mind the mental gymnastics required by the royal we--such as Elizabeth II's statement regarding her and hubby Prince Philip that began, "we--I mean the both of us--"

What I wonder is did John Paul II use it as well, and we just never found out (which is entirely possible), or is this another restoration of the Benedictine era?

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