Monday, February 13


JP2, We miss you

"Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. "

I love B16. But, listening to one my favorite CD's, I just can't help but marvel at the absolute greatness that was JPG's life: the deepness of prayer, the strength of voice and soul, the depth of knowledge and love, and his amazing place in the course of world history.

Nothing but my experience of the Real Presence has convinced me more solidly that there is a God, incarnate in Jesus Christ, than the life and person of John Paul II.

He spoke the message quoted above across the globe, and constantly from Rome, and in my bedroom I heard him, saw him, and for the first time heard and saw greatness, a living example of the saints about whom I would read. Whereever I am in life, I'm there because of him, and to Whom he introduced me.

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