Friday, February 3


"If it's a symbol, to hell with it." - Flannery O'Connor

Recalling the 1993 Gallup poll that only 30% of Catholics believed in the Real Presence, one must wonder: how did the most educated Catholic generation miss such a fundamental element of Catholic faith--when their uneducated forebearers knew Eucharistic doctrine undeniably?

"The Bad Catholic's Guide to Good Living" offers the following explanation:

From now on, to get a movie ticket, Americans should have to kneel before a consecrated celibate wearing ceremonial robes and take the ticket between their teeth--never daring to touch it with their hands. Within a generation or so, they'd all develop certain ideas about movie tickets and their significance.

Now take the Eucharist and reverse the process, reading it like a movie ticket.... Enough said.

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