Thursday, February 2


Rumor has it that SSPX might be reconciled with Rome by Easter, 2006.*

Myself, I'm inclined to be cautious in my predictions of reunion, though I welcome it (as I welcome all unity with the Holy See). But my caution is challenged by the Pope's desire to lift the excommunications and SSPX's own detailed plan for regularization. Today SSPX, tomorrow TAC! In a few years, perhaps whatever remains of the Swedish church.

In light of comments on my last post, it must be pointed out: regularized does not equal "hold hands and sing kumbaya."

First of all, have you ever tried to translate kumbaya into Latin?

But more importantly, these talks are to reconcile SSPX to Roman authority. SSPX will still be angry at what it deems liturgical abuses, at ineffective catechesis, etc. etc. SSPX will not changing itself to regularize with Rome, but regularizing with Rome to change the wider Church. Since this is precisesly the goal of every Catholic movement in the Church--from Opus Dei to Foccolare--I say, "Come on in--and bear fruit according to the measure of the Lord's will."

*Recall, we predicted this 9 months ago. I'm going to make another prediction: Anyone who thinks Bishop Williamson will be reconciled is too busy smoking crack to have been reading what he's been saying for the last 12 months--especially in contrast to Bp. Fellay! I'll be happy to eat humble pie on this one, but I won't be, because he won't.

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