Tuesday, February 14

...And by the way, what was up with the weird disco music during the Parade of Nations at the Olympic opening ceremonies? Nothing says splendor and ceremony like a bunch of folks milling about in strangely-colored casualwear waving and snapping pictures of each other while YMCA plays in the background. But then, modern secular liturgy usually disappoints.

On the other hand, while we were watching it, we wondered whether that was just the TV and they were playing something more solemn in the stadium...like, say, Numa Numa. And then there was that clearly over-caffeinated English announcer. (Ishmaelia! Franistan! Ruritania!) Granted, the Slovenian team was pretty well-dressed. And you gotta love the lone guy from San Marino. I think even Liechtenstein has a bigger team... What I'd like to see, though, is the Vatican Olympic Team. Hmmm. I mean, they already have a flag and a national anthem (two, in fact), what else do they need?

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