Sunday, January 15

Sounds Awesome

I admit, I've steered clear of "the Movements" --Opus Dei, Neocatechumenal Way, Communion and Liberation, Regnum Christi, etc. I've met people in many of them, and usually (if not always) admire them. Certainly, I admire their practice of the faith. But in my personal project of being Catholic, a "mere Catholic," an unassociated layman, I've never felt compelled to be closely associated with any of them.

The NC, however, just commissioned some 200 "missionary families":

"We send our families to these pagan countries. And there, they will shape new catecheses as they can. No doubt, in the beginning, they will go from house to house inviting people to know the Gospel and Christ, with their presence, with their coexistence with neighbors, fellow-workers, friends."

They go where people are not baptized, are without parishes; they go on a mission to the Gentiles, as the Apostles did," the Neocatechumenate founder added.

The Way sends "a priest for every three families with all their children, so that they can create communities starting from the family nucleus," he clarified.


Now, this sounds awesome. Real evangelization! Pauline evangelization! On an organized, rather large scale! By Catholics!

Do any of you know more about NC's "missionary families"? Personal contact? Number that exist? Effectiveness? I'd really like to hear as much as people know.

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