Wednesday, January 18

German Catholic Dioceses buy Pope's Home

Which is good news, because I believe that the owner was considering selling it to the Scientologists. For a site that instantly became a place of pilgrimmage, que horror!

The newspaper Die Welt, in a report Wednesday, said bids for the house, which has been rezoned for use as a museum, had ranged from 3 million to 5 million euros ($4 million to $6 million).

Joseph Ratzinger, elected as pope in April, was born in an apartment in the house while his father was a police officer in Marktl, near the Austrian border. The family moved soon after to the town of Traunstein, where he spent most of his childhood.

Die Welt said that 450 people from around the globe had inquired with the realtor about the property. The vendor, 39, said she no longer wished to live in the house on the market square of the little town because tourists were coming to stare and even alarmed her children.

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