Wednesday, January 25



The text of Fr. Jenkins's Monday address to the faculty is available here at the South Bend Tribune. The speech he gave Tuesday to the students was a similar, if abridged version, with the portions addressing student academic freedom, rather than faculty academic freedom, highlighted.

With regards to Fr. Jenkins' stage presence, as Emily said, he certainly did not seem rattled. I've seen rattled before, and that's not it. While I was unable to see his speech Tuesday live (I arrived late and ended up watching it on closed-circuit TV in the La Fortune Student Center), at least on the big screen he seemed very a composed and coherent speaker, emphasizing his points clearly and cogently. While I have never taken a class with him, I've seen him interact warmly with students, either one-on-one or with a larger group of people, and he's always been very self-assured in the pulpit--er, ambo--whenever I have served mass for him. I think he handled himself very well yesterday.

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