Monday, January 30


Dec. 2005 cover of Angelus. Hmm...


The above Google-translated site (from French) tells us:
One knows now, since Friday last 13 January, according to declarations' of Mgr Fellay Higher General of the FSSPX, that Roman authorities... would be almost ready "to regularize "the canonical situation of the FSSPX in the centre of the Church, while " granting to him "a" statute of autonomy ", - measure the importance of the thing - and that for this purpose, they would very seriously consider the creation of "a personal apostolic administration like that created in 2001-2002, in Campos (Brazil).*

The personal prelature would (apparently) be called "the Personal Prelature of the Holy Savio(u)r."

Rumbling abounds elsewhere in blogosphere, but accounts from both the left and the right are so bitter/politicized that I recommend to you the above badly google-translated French edition.

Now, where the rubber hits the road is in the control which the local ordinary would exercize over the personal prelature of Holy Savio(u)r: Opus Dei, the only existing personal prelature, claims that their faithful are subject to the local ordinary in all affairs beyond members in Opus Dei--what exactly that means, I cannot say. Although, I can say that Opus Dei was present in Milwaukee during the reign of Abp. Weakland, or perhaps inspite of Abp. Weakland; this suggests that, as a personal prelature, SSPX would be able to licitly go where no licit Tridentine Mass has gone... in 40 years.

Nonetheless, Canon Law seems to suggests that the consent of the local ordinary is necesary, though leaves much of that relationship to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

*Also, apparently, things have gone well for the Campos priests: they are now present in 13 Brazilian dioceses!

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