Thursday, December 22


You Can't Do That With Trousers

All true Jacobites will be suitably outraged. Apparently, some fellow in Missouri has been forbidden to wear his Scots kilt to his high-school prom. I'm not sure I'd be so sartorially daring (that incident with the Napoleon III costume a few years back has made me a bit more cautious about what I wear to parties...), but I shall defend, to the death, his right to wear it. Well, maybe not death, but fairly serious bodily injuries.

And now, some appropriate music for the occasion:

Donald, Where's Your Trousers?

I just got down from the Isle of Skye
I'm no very big and I'm awful shy
The lassies shout as I go by,
"Donald, where's your trousers?"

Let the winds blow high,
Let the winds blow low,
Down the street in my kilt I go:
All the lassies cry, "hello,
Donald, where's your trousers?"

To wear the kilt is my delight,
It isn't wrong, I know it's right.
The highlanders would get afright
If they saw me in trousers.


Well I caught a cold and me nose was raw
I had no handkerchief at all
So I hiked up my kilt and I gave it a blow,
Now you can't do that with trousers!


Glengarry tip: alert reader Joe J.

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