Saturday, December 17

One of the minor daily joys I've had since I discovered it early in the reign of our Holy Father Benedict XVI is the "Papacy and Vatican" slide-show on There's, of course, a continuous stream of boring diplomatic visits and weird and ugly gifts being given to His Holiness, but then there are the fun liturgy photos, and just ones of our guy looking so gosh darn papal. This week's highlights:

A really lovely shot of St. Peter's at dawn with the new piazza Christmas tree in the foreground.

Benedict, looking very papal.

A female Carabinere (they exist, huh...I'm pretty sure I've never seen one before. I'd always assumed the principal duty of the carabineri was to chauvinistically whistle at passing women), receiving Communion on the tongue at a Vatican mass for Italy's armed forces.

Benedict, again, looking happy.

And Benedict on what is definitely a dais and a throne. The backdrop itself is rather modern-looking, but I have to admit that it's a real throne with lots of steps. Another thing to smile about.

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