Thursday, December 22


Having Some More Fun At the Expense of Dan Brown

I ran across a gallery of stills from the upcoming movie version of Lose Weight the Robert Langdon, The Da Vinci Code. It looks like wall-to-wall anticlerical hokiness and scenery-chewing. The Fair Amy suggests mockery, not outrage, is the best way to greet this pompous little film, and so, in the grand tradition of MST3K, I have provided some captions of my own:

Gandalf! What are you doing here? And why do you look strangely like George Costanza's dad?

Not only is Silas a top-secret Opus Dei assassin, but his hand can magically turn into a crucifix!

Gotta hide this bad dyejob somehow.

What the world looks like to a Priory of Sion member hopped up on ecstasy.

Soooo glad there's a big spotlight there.

Tom Hanks discovers the entire Gnostic gospels written on a grain of rice.

Who knew that a secret passageway connected the set of National Treasure with the Louvre?

Uh oh, Audrey. Umberto Eco's got us cornered and he wants his novel back.

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