Thursday, December 22


Even Better

Nothing encourages An Almost Fanatical Devotion to the Pope even like a good hat.* And even better than the Pope wearing the Coveted Camauro, is the fact that everyone (except the usual sticks-in-the-mud) loves it.

The Telegraph's headline proclaims that the camauro "delights crowds."

They also report:

"The Pope was told it was cold outside and he said he had just the thing.

"He came out holding the hat and said he would wear it. He even joked that it made him look like Father Christmas."

I really want to see the inside of whatever room he went into to get it.

That's fun. And really, religion should be fun. What would Teresa of Avila say?
"God and a camauro is better than God alone."
OK, she said it about chocolate, but...

*Except for, like, the Gospel. But, whatever.

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