Tuesday, November 22


Spot an Opus Dei Infiltrator in Your Church!

This page falls under the "not true, but boy would I bask in their power if it were" catagory of Hyper-Protestant Conspiracies. (Also in this file are nearly all Jesuit conspiracy theories.)

It includes very important advice for detecting Opus Dei operatives within your very own rinky-dink church, before they destroy it with their papist plotting. Are Opus Dei operatives visiting your house of worship?

(1) "They just couldn't bring themselves to do certain things. One was to wear Protestant orange. Alone, this matter could have been overlooked, but taken with their other pro-Catholic behavior, we should have caught them. We didn't until very late."

"I always suspected little Johny might be papist. He just didn't wear orange with all the other kids. And he always borrowed his older sister's Latin book."

(2) "Go around to a Roman Catholic institution which has a big library. They may have the directory of priests on the shelf where you can browse it. See if you can find your infiltrator in past listings in the directory."

Ah, yes. "The Directory." WTF? Do they think we'll just hand The Directory over to anyone? Who are these people?

(3) "You may want to use some subterfuge. Call a priest in high authority in your area, and in the infiltrator's former area. Tell him you are Father _________ of the Jesuit Order, and you need a good man for a short assignment to pretend to be a Baptist and get some information from a Baptist church near you. Tell him you are on sabbatical from Aquinas College to do some special investigating, for the Holy Office, into several Baptist churches... "

Someone please do this! And send me the recording!

OK--There are definitely Opus Dei operatives at my Bible Believing church. Oh no! What do I do?

"Once you have a clear pattern of Roman Catholic behavior, in small matters that is, do NOT panic."

Whew. OK.

"Set them up with you in a series of anti-Roman Catholic situations where they will be seen by the world as anti-Roman Catholi ... If you get poor response after poor response to opportunities to, and situations involving, the Catholic Church, start getting really blunt and kick the Pope violently when you are in conversation with them. If they get really uncomfortable, simply confront them: 'Ask them, "Why should I believe you are not in Opus Dei? You keep failing the test, and you get uncomfortable when it is time to kick the Pope. Who are you anyway?'"

Frankly, I feel safer already.

Keep in mind, though:

"The infiltrator may loudly accuse you of being schizoid and paranoid. I had one infiltrator tell me I was an egomaniac and paranoid. Think about that a minute."


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