Tuesday, November 22


Pope Widens Bishop's Authority in Assisi

This is interesting. I had only heard bits and pieces of what went on in Assisi.
From Zenit:

The Pope wrote: "In the course of the centuries, the Conventual Friars and the Friars Minor, with their solicitous work and testimony have kept alive the spirit and charism of St. Francis, spreading his evangelical message of peace, fraternity and goodness throughout the world."

Until now, these churches were "directly subject" to the Franciscans' jurisdiction, added the document.

Benedict XVI considers this arrangement "useful to modify" because of "the need to carry out a more effective agreement between the activities that are undertaken both in the Basilica of St. Francis (with the Sacred Convent) as well as in the Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels (and its Convent)."

From The Independent:

"Vittorio Messori, a conservative Catholic commentator, said: 'The Church has a long memory. Joseph Ratzinger has had an account to settle with the friars of Assisi since the inter-religious meeting of 1986. Now he has fixed it.'

He went on: 'Ratzinger has not forgiven the Franciscan community for the excesses of the first day of prayer of the religious leaders with [Pope John Paul II]. It was a mockery, as many said, that forced the hand of the Pope, and it was the friars who broke the agreement they had made. They went so far as to allow African animists to slaughter chickens on the altar of the basilica of Santa Chiara, and American redskins to dance in the church.'"

It's good to see some papal smackdown where it's well-deserved.

(HT: Amy)

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