Wednesday, November 23


Guilty Palmarian Pleasures

We at the Shrine took a certain pleasure in following the surreal antics of everyone's favorite anti-Pope, the late "Gregory XVII" (above) of the highly schismatic Palmarian Church, who passed away in March of 2005, shortly before the real Pope John Paul the Great. Then there was silence, and some rumors that the Palmarians had elected...(jarring chord)..."Peter II" to replace crazy Greg. Then we really never heard anything else about the guy. Until now. I found a photo of him today, and I'm a bit disappointed...

Poor guy. He doesn't look too happy, and he looks like Mr. Peterson from Bob Newhart. Sure, Gregory had some truly bizarre theological opinions (he believed that Elijah and St. John lived in the eighth dimenson on the Planet of Mary), but he always looked, well, downright jolly, unlike, oh, say, dour anti-Pope Michael. I guess, after Greg went and canonized Franco, Columbus and (probably) the string section of the Madrid Philharmonic, Petey's got a lot of catching up to do. Not sure what's up with the green gloves, though. The tiara's nice, anyway.

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