Tuesday, November 8

February, 2006

Not to beat Rocco to the chase, but rumors abound about this coming February.

A synod is meeting in Rome. In itself, not particularly interesting... unless, that is, the synod is a meeting of traditional Anglican bishops:

Led by Archbishop Hepworth, [communion with Rome] is the way that the Bishops of the Traditional Anglican Communion have decided to go (and they all are meeting in a synod in Rome in February 2006 to move on with this agenda). In the UK the Forward in Faith is looking for either the establishment of a new Province in the Church of England or for acceptance by Rome as a group – or both.

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The leader of the Traditional Anglican Communion recently had this to say:
(I don't remember if I've posted this already)

We have no doctrinal differences with Rome which would keep us from being in full communion with each other. The climate is brewing for the Traditional Anglican Communion to be the 27th ecclesial group accepted into communion with Rome and the first church touched by the Reformation to do so.

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Shrine readers shouldn't be suprised--We predicted something to this effect last April!

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