Saturday, November 5


5 November 1605

I don't think old Guido Fawkes' idea was a particularly bright one, and am opposed on principle to blowing up Stuarts. Or most anyone else for that matter. After 9/11, those jokes about "the only man to go into Parliament with good intentions" are more alarming than amusing. On the other hand, an anti-Catholic holiday that still includes--in some backward corners of Britannia--burning the Supreme Pontiff in effigy is not my idea of a good time. So I just intend to sit this out and celebrate Notre Dame Game Day today instead.

But it is nonetheless the 400th anniversary of the botched Gunpowder Plot, and the fascinating geopolitics of the era, the tangled circumstances and personalities are available for your perusal at the Gunpowder Plot Society's rather handsome webpage. Check out the inimitable 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia's entry on the subject, while you're at it.

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