Monday, October 10

While I am disappointed...

...that Rocco shut-down before he was able to convince me that the papal tiara is the source of all evil in the world, he has. So, in the words (and pictures) of Don Jim, let's continue to discuss that "crown which brings joy to the hearts of all true Christians":

This picture is particularly awesome, because it makes a lie out of the "tiara was not a liturgical appointment" statement. In fact, for most of its too-short history, the tiara was not a liturgical appointment, but in 1960, it was: Pope John XXIII used it as the papal crown for an Eastern Rite liturgy, in keeping with the episcopal practice of wearing crowns during Eastern liturgies.

Now that's inculturation.

If there's any occasion in the modern church where I think the use of the tiara would be fitting, this would be it. I think Marini would go for it.

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