Sunday, October 23

"Wait a second..."
...religion matters to these people. What are we going to do???"

Europe continues its gradual realization that it has a lot of immigrants on its hands who really don't like them. I'm sure Social Democrat governments thought it felt nice to stick it to the Church with their broad-minded multiculturalism, but the problem is that multiculturalism is not always so broad-minded.

A lot of people worry, and a lot of Muslims gladly predict, that Europe will convert to Islam in the coming years. Really, I'm sure some people will, just as some people have: but it won't be widespread. Secular Europe rejected Christianity because it was sick of established Churches telling them what to do and what not to do.

I can promise you that these same people will not take warmly to tip-toeing around uber-fragile Muslim paradigms, either -- like this ten-embassy protest over an op-ed comic. As Muslims in Europe get more impatient with the non-Islamic nature of Europe (ham, free speech, etc.), they are going to continue to complain more--as we have read in the newspapers the last few months. That's going to build up a lot of tension, and that's a real societal problem. And yet the same secularists laugh at suggestions that, perhaps, immigrants who share more of their values (read: Judeo-Christian immigrants with a respect for imago Dei and individual freedoms) should be preferred. Well, good luck with that.

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