Friday, October 14

The Synod

Amy Welborn supplied the a summary of the discussion points for the Synod, given by Card. Scola. Here are a few:

How to educate people in the various dimensions of the Eucharist?

How to offer the Eucharist in a regular way to all the faithful, and how to structure the assembly on Sunday for communities awaiting a priest?

It would be nice if they come up with an answer other than, "close down all the old churches and build one new one." Alas...

How to promote Eucharistic adoration that leads back to a liturgical celebration?

I guess I'm skeptical of how much of a problem this really is, given the way that everyone I know who loves adoration goes to daily Mass. But... maybe I just know great people.

What are the criteria for art and architecture in service to the beauty of the liturgy?

Hopefully, they can do something very effective! I'm glad this is on their minds.

Is it opportune to revisit certain aspects of the Roman Rite (such as the location of the kiss of peace)?

I'm also interested in this. Anglicans I know who have attended Mass found the kiss of peace to be rather a jolting rite, in relation to the Eucharistic Lord now present. I rather agree.

All of these questions are great. But I have to ask: when to they start suggesting answers, instead of determining what the questions are? They've been at this for two out of four weeks!

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