Sunday, October 23


Regnum Christi

Zenit gives us the annual statistic run-down:

- Catholics increased by 0.3% (+15 million, a total 1.085 billion)
----->In Africa by 0.34%
----->In America by 0.17%
----->In Asia by 0.03%
----->In Oceania by 0.37%
----->In Europe, down by 0.31%.
- 17.23% of the world's population; roughly half of all Christians.
- Slight increase in the number of priests
- Sizable growth of lay missionaries and catechists.

The 17.23% figure exites me most, because I've lived my life telling people that 1/6 of the world was Catholic. I hope to see the day when I can up the figure to 1/5.

Most surprising to me was the growth in Oceania, which has been a backwater of decay for decades--in Australia, Catholic women are the group most likely to procure abortions!

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