Sunday, October 23

Proposition 36

Good news--a "proposition" has passed that doesn't involve civil unions or freak biological abuse (stem cells, etc.).

Better news--it calls for the increase of Latin Masses.

Granted, this is in reference to the Novus Ordo being celebrated in the Latin Language. Yet that is a happy thing.

The text suggests that in international celebrations the Mass be said in Latin, apart from the readings, the homily, and the Prayers of the Faithful. Priests should also be trained from the seminary to use Latin prayers as well as Gregorian Chant. It passed with a comfortable majority.

If you have ever endured a bi-lingual Mass, you know that it's an awkward lose-lose situation. By creating a dichotomy between (usually) English and Spanish, someone "wins" and someone "loses": the Eucharistic prayer is going to be in one language or the other. The assembly is very conciously two different groups (one Anglophone, one Spanish-speaking), of which one group will feel to some degree alienated because the core of the Mass is not in their language. The dynamics of language can easily steal the show, just as often happens with conflicts over gender and langauge. Both the fact that we have gathered as one body, and the fact that we have gathered to worship Jesus Christ, can be obscured.

What a stark contrast that is to the liturgies we saw from St. Peter's Basilica in April! The whole world was gathered, and Christ was the center. Would that this becomes the norm for bilingual (though not only bilingual...) as a result of the Synod.

Also of interest:

6: the JP2 Generation gets a nod from the Synod Fathers: "Eucharistic Adoration among the young appears today as a promising characteristic of many communities. For this reason, to the aim of favoring visits to the Blessed Sacrament... churches in which the Blessed Sacrament is present should remain open" for private prayer. Also, "Eucharistic Adoration should be encouraged in preparation to the First Communion." Now that's nice.

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