Tuesday, October 11

Note to the World: I'm Disgusted

I'll freely admit that I have strong feelings about people who use pets as emotional substitutes for the children they contracepted to avoid. I realize that St. Dominic had a pet, as to many single people; I think that's wonderful. But those with a vocation to single life still have a call to give of themselves to other people. St. Dominic did not, I assume, believe he could find the emotional companionship in his dog which he would have gotten from a committed relationship: that is because he found that emotional support through his fellow friars and the people with whom he ministered, and the unique relationship which the virginal have with CHRIST. In otherwords, I think someone should print up bumperstickers to remind the world: "PETS ARE NOT PEOPLE."

These would come in handy the next time someone tells you they're getting chemotherapy for their dog. Screw the poor: this pooch is going to LIVE, dammit. It will also come in handy the next time you hear someone griping about saving pandas or whales: I love pandas, and as established earlier, I love whales. But our concern for them is often unbalanced: here's a test I want you all to perform. Ask a room of 4th graders the following question: If you were in a burning appartment building, and you could save the last baby Siberian tiger or a human baby you didn't know, who should you try to save? A surprising number will opt for the Siberian tiger--I know, because I've tried.

All of the above was stuff that I've known a while. What ticked me off was...

(1) This, from Amy

And what REALLY ticked me off was

(2)This, from the Angry Twins. It's enough to keep them angry for a very long time, I think.

I'm speechless. I really don't have anything to say, except that I'm really disgusted and profoundly offended. I can't even think of poetic ways to explain how speechless I am.


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