Thursday, October 6


More Spanish Sketchiness

The Constitutional Court ruled that the principle of universal jurisdiction takes precedence over the existence or not of national interests."

Spain's highest court has decided to investigate and try a case of genocide in Guatamala involving no Spanish nationals.

Don't get me wrong: I fully support the trial and punishment of all those who commit genocide, obviously.

But to have a country half a world away, specifically a former colonial power, try a case in its highest court that doesn't involve its federal government in any way -- this smacks of
(1) More European imperialism
(2) More post-colonial entitlement, like France continues to exercise in Africa
(3) Complete and utter disregard for the prinicple of subsidiarity
(4) Total violation of national

Imagine if Iran decided that there were allegations of anti-Islamic bias in England, and so their supreme court decided to hold its own legal precedings? Or if Sweden decided to charge the Southern Baptist Convention, which has absolutely no connection to Sweden, with systematic defamation of homosexuals?

Honestly, this is a disturbing trend--granted, a trend the United States sort of started when we unilaterally interfering with other nation's internal affairs, too--but still very disturbing.

I hope Swaziland doesn't decide to charge me with not paying tribute to their king.

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