Friday, October 14

I'm Doing Homework on a Friday Night

Being able to blog about it is my only consolation.

"For if it is destined that one man should be good and another wicked, then neither is the one acceptable nor the other blameworthy. And if the human race does not have the power by free choice to avoid what is shameful and to choose what is right, then there is no responsibility for actions of any kind. but that [man] walks upright or falls by free choice we may thus demonstrate. We [often] observe the same man in pursuit of opposite things. If he were destined to be wicked or virtuous, he would not be thus capable of opposites, and often change his mind. Nor would some be virtuous and others wicked, for then we would have to declare fate to be the cause of evils... or accept that there is no real virtue or vice."

Justin Martyr, First Apology, #43

Perhaps Calvin would call him... "the Church Father of straw."

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