Sunday, October 16

I used to be heavily into alternate history, the quasi-academic world of the "what if?" In fact, I was the president of a short-lived Alternate Historians League that had one meeting, two active members and one club movie night before dying a quiet death sophomore year. I also have one sprawling and incomplete alternate history to my credit, a messy maze of zeppelins, and steam-tanks centering on a quasi-cold-war between Hapsburg Europe and a decentralizing British empire dominated by India. But that's another story entirely. I always thought it an appropriate way of reflecting on human free will, but over at Fiddleback Fever there's an interesting item by one Bowman the Black on how asking "what if?" in history also shows us some intriguing insights into God's plan for history. While I have some vague qualms about the textbook Christ the King, Lord of History which Bowman cites, it's nonetheless an interesting way of considering the topic and the question.

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