Sunday, October 9



A few weeks old, mostly, but they've aged well, And yes, vanity of vanities, I quote myself too much. My friends are better at saying clever things than me, I koow very well. But it's easier to remember what you say yourself.

"I think my credibility would have really gone down if I used sock puppets to explain the Council of Ephesus."
--Joseph, on being instructed not to make his theological lecture "lame"

Joseph: ...named Diodorus of Damascus and Theodore of Mopsuestia.
Emily: Are you serious?

"You'll have to lose the Patton reference."
--Brian offers editorial advice on a complaint letter to Northwest Airlines

"And I thought, maybe I could use different voices to get people interested. Like, I could read the passage from St. Cyril of Alexandria and give him a Russian accent..."

"She's as feminine as they come, but she still kicks butt."
--Emily on Mother Church

"I got an email from the Knights Templar the other day. I just like saying that."
--Me. Nobody really was that surprised.

"Maybe we could attract attention with a Thomas Aquinas impersonator. 'Your photo with the Angelic Doctor'!"
--Me, while discussing possible marketing strategies for the Militia Immaculata hamburger booth at the next home game

"Can you be a caesaropapist if you're the pope?"

Joseph: We could have "Dunk-a-Monk." Get this jolly Benedictine, and people can pay to dunk him in a tank.
Richard: What if he's cloistered?
Me: We just put a big lattice cage around the whole thing.

"Catherine of Siena is my girlfriend."
--Resident Dominicanophile Chris on his current spiritual romance

Chris: When I become a Dominican, I'll be Brother Thomas Aquinas Siena.
Me:Oh, you're taking her last name? That's very modern of you.

"And we have to elevate the cake three times as we process down the sidewalk."
--Our birthday cake for the Virgin Mary starts to turn into an impromptu Easter Vigil service

"And then we getta halfway across the ocean and we realize-a we forgotta da aeroplane."
--Emily, quoting Chico Marx

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