Tuesday, October 25


As far as Papal Headgear Goes...
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This ranks a nice second. Definitely second, but still, second.

And Rocco, our point man for papal vesture, is speculating its return. Honestly, I think the return of the ermine-lined mozzetta is a given, when one considers how much Benedict (rightly) loves the silk mozzeta.

I'm more skeptical about the camauro. It lacks the aesthetic appeal of the other trappings of papal vesture which Benedict has resurrected thus far, and he has a strong aesthetic sense. It appeal for me, rather, lies primarily in the fact that Jack Chick's popes always wear it. That makes me like it even more: for the visions of papal inquisition which it will cause to dance in Jack's head. Although, it's also nice because it's obscure, and Catholics of course have an inherent love for any custom which is both obscure and funny-looking.

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