Sunday, September 11


OK, I'm a dork. That's ok.

I'm having a theological emergency: that is to say, I'm currently so taken with a theological question that it is impeding any real progress in other pursuits--i.e., like any of my assignments.

I recently acquired a cheap copy of "God Without Being," by J. Marion, which is what it sounds like: Marion posits that equating God with Being is an intellectual idol, restricting God to the confines of Being. Well, I started reading the book but cancelled the effort in favor of first reading an explanation of Aquinas on Being.

Does anyone have anything experience with Marion's argument? I don't really need a reactionary Thomist defense, because I gave myself plenty of those already. I'm looking for anyone who's actually read Marion to give (1) insights on the text and (2) an optional, separate evaluation of Marion's argument.

The real problem is that I'm addicted to used bookstores like they're crack. But I'm happy in my addiction.

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