Wednesday, September 28

I See this Going Well

It's funny Matt should have posted about Anglican-Catholic relations, because I just had a really long conversation about it.

The Archbishop has led a dialogue between the worldwide Traditional Anglican Communion and the Vatican for the last several years. He has also made an effort to establish communion with European Lutherans seeking similar common ground with Rome. "We have no doctrinal differences with Rome which would prevent us from being in full communion with one another," he said in a recent interview. "The climate is brewing for the Traditional Anglican Communion to be the 27th ecclesial group accepted into communion with Rome, and the first church touched by the Reformation to do so. My broad vision is to see the end of the Reformation of the 16th century." Archbishop Hepworth said if Christians truly believe in the notion of an undivided Church, they ought to discover what it takes to find unity with both East and West and "be liberated from everything that stops it." (source)

I want to emphasize to everyone here that "27th ecclasial group" is a reference to the 26 Churches, often called sui iuris rites or simply "rites" (Byzantine-Catholic Rite, Ambrosian-Catholic Rite, Roman-Catholic Rite) which together make up the global Catholic Church.

I also want to emphasize that this is precisely what we predicted back in April, and exactly why we thought LEVADA was chosen to head up CDF.

Hey, people pay Rocco for predictions like these.

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