Saturday, September 3

At This I Laugh...

I can do no other.

I, like many of you, enjoy reading Jack Chick's website. It has a lot to offer the Catholic who is solidly grounded in his faith: laughter, for one thing. I also unfailingly enjoy Chick's depictions of Catholic liturgy: I wish the real thing looked as nice as his drawings, which are uniformly inspired by a missal he probably bought 50 years ago. The "Battle Cry" section is also fun, to see his interpretation of latest world events. The ones about the Papacy are the best, I think.

I used to feel bad, however, when there would be letters included from someone in, say, Poland, saying that Chick brought her to Christ for the first time, and she has now forsaken evil Romanism. That's sad, honestly, and being from Poland or Zaire gave it an extra sting.

I feel bad no longer: I am now convinced at least some, if not all, of these letters are completely fraudulent:

Thank God for the tracts. Yesterday, during visitation and tract distribution, we gave a tract to a 72-year-old man. He had just gone to his priest to confess his plan to murder his daughter. After briefly sharing God's Word, he received the Lord Jesus as his Saviour! He promised he would not proceed to do what he had planned.
G.G., email

Read it here.

I'm actually tempted to write in my own letter, now. What should I say...?

Thank God for Chick tracks! Just the other day, I was going to worship the Really Spectacularly Holy Face of Mary, Whose most holiest contenance blinds the eye to All Else. But just after I had bought the birth control pills I was going to give to the nuns who run the shrine so that Father would say Mass for me (so much easier than going to Church myself!), I ran into the kindliest, gentlest, and most charitable soul I ever met. I think she would have been feeding the poor, this one, if feeding the poor weren't simply an empty work that Catholics invented to get themselves into Heaven! Anyway, I was so taken back by her articulate yet nuanced concern for my spiritual happiness, that I just had to accept the artistic little booklet she offered me.

WOW! It turns our that Roman Whore of Babylon had lied to me ALL ALONG. Fortunately, the scales have fallen from my eyes, and I now realize The TRUTH!! THE BIBLICAL JESUS HAD NO FACE!. This obviously means that Mary had no face, either! How wrong I was to believe the Anti-Church's lies when I went to worship Mary's non-existant face. What Chick says is true: if Mary had eyes, she would be weeping. Thank you, JACK!

I would send it in, of course, if I were as comfortable with lying (and its Prince) as certain other writers...

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