Monday, August 8


Kolbe and Nagasaki

Since Fr. Jim over at Dappled Things has been posting prolifically about the 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing and the upcoming anniversary of Nagasaki, it's worthwhile remembering the Catholic connections in Nagasaki, most notably Saint Maxiliam Kolbe and the City of the Immaculata, named Mugenzai no Sono, that he founded there. As this biographical sketch by Mary Craig puts it,

People thought Fr Maximilian was crazy to be building on steep ground sloping away from the town; but in 1945, when the atomic bomb all but levelled Nagasaki, Mugenzai no Sono sustained no more damage than a few broken panes of stained glass. Today it forms the centre of a Franciscan province.

Also worth noting with regards to Nagasaki is the "bombed" Mary, the head of a statue that survived the bombing.

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